Monday, October 09, 2006


Dear Ivan After reading your latest sharticle on ESPN we noticed this short blurb on the SEC Conference:
2. Three SEC top-10 teams lost Saturday, which may be a record for one conference. While one (LSU or Florida) had to lose, the one-sided nature of losses by LSU, Georgia and Auburn means the voters -- and I include myself here -- had been suckered in by the SEC's reputation and failed to look at the facts. All of us ignored the league's long list of paycheck nonconference games. Junk food doesn't build strong bones.
Ivan...We here at LWS are convinced that you huff paint and you Sir, failed to look at all of the facts. All three of the Top-10 SEC Teams lost to other SEC teams. Now Florida is number 2 and Tennessee's in the Top 10. How many SEC Teams are in the Top 25? The Conference's reputation is for real. We demand a retraction.

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