Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Story that Gator Sports Does Not Want You to Read. LSU UF Game Analysis

A year ago in Baton Rouge, La., the tears flowed like heavy rain in the losing Florida locker room. Men sharing emotions with other men in a manly manner.

After Saturday's game with LSU in The Swamp, there were giant crocodile tears all around. They have become a team. A team that can’t kick a field goal.

In front of 90,714 Jorts wearing fans and a national television audience, numerous and unnecessary close-up face shots of Chris Leak, the Gators produced the working and breathing definition of a team win with their 23-10 victory over the Tigers. "The hard work this team has put together. ... We do everything together, I hate Tim Tebow" senior quarterback Chris Leak sobbed. "I really hate that guy. He is getting all of the glory and all of the love. I will say this though; my teammates have become accustomed to my sharting in the huddle. I don’t get that embarrassed anymore. "

This might go down as one of the great team victories in school history - and certainly the biggest in the infant (Freudian Slip, Infants cry often) stages of the Meyer era. The Gators won with defense - intercepting three passes and coming up with two fumble recoveries. They won with special teams - blocking a punt and producing a safety on the second-half kickoff. The Gator’s field goal kicking will be the downfall of this team. They won with offense - true freshman quarterback Tim Tebow producing all three touchdowns, running for one and throwing for two. Soon, Chris Leak will be holding the clipboard and and flashing plays to Tebow very soon. After Leak's very embarrasingly uncomfortable interview with Tebow on College Gameday, Leak will be banished to the sideline sooner than later.

(The Bow and Leak, faking it?)

They won with a little guile, a ton of home cooking from the refs and a lot of check your pants. They won as a team - wiping out the painful and weepy memory of last year's 21-17 loss at LSU. The victory moves No. 5 Florida to 6-0 on the season and 4-0 in the SEC. No. 9 LSU falls to 4-2 and 1-2. "Today was a great day for Florida football, I may have sold my soul to the Devil in allowing Marcus Thomas to play but it will be worth it in the end" Meyer said. "This is one of the best environments that I've ever been a part of. I thought that I smelled marijuana in the stands, and I was initially worried that Marcus would leave the field..but he stayed."

(Thomas fighting of a munchie attack)

The defining moments in this game were condensed to the closing minutes of the first half and the opening minutes of the second. "Lou Holtz always spits when he talks. But I am able to understand him when he tells me that the last five minutes of the first half and the first five minutes of the second half determine the outcome of the game," Meyer said. "If you had to say what the check yo dart was today, it was the end of the first half and the last five minutes of the second half." Late in the first half, with the score tied 7-all, LSU appeared to take the lead with a 10-yard touchdown run by fullback Jacob Hester. But Hester was ruled down inside the 1 and a review of the play resulted in the call standing. On the next snap, LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell fumbled/imploded and the ball was recovered by UF middle linebacker Brandon Siler. A few minutes later, the Gators took the lead. Tebow, who had scored UF's first touchdown with a 1-yard run, faked like he was running into the middle of the line and then popped up and found a stumbling Casey wide open in the back of the end zone. "I sort of floated one in the lane," Tebow said. "Tate Casey did a nice job of adjusting to the ball. It really doesn’t matter how the pass looked. It cemented the fact that the fans hate Leak and love me. Did you see the expression on his face after I threw that spectacular Jump Pass TD? It looked like someone had told him his girlfriend was pregnant, pregnant by his best friend. Priceless.” The momentum generated by the late score carried over to the second half. On the second-half kickoff, LSU return man Early Doucet dropped the ball and then was nailed by UF true freshman wide receiver Riley Cooper as he was picking up the ball. Cooper's hit knocked the ball free and it rolled into the end zone, where the Tigers recovered it for a safety and a 16-7 UF lead. "He was juggling it and I had an opportunity to hit him a big ice cream cone lick and I did," Cooper said. "I put it into another gear and put a lick on him. And the Gators embraced it. Embraced it like cell-mates in prison embracing.

UF received the ball on their own 34 following LSU's kickoff and quickly drove for another touchdown. The score came on a 35-yard pass from Tebow to sophomore wide receiver Louis Murphy. Like he did on his TD pass to Casey, Tebow faked like he was going to run on the second-and-1 play, but then pulled up and launched a pass to a wide-open Murphy for the score. "We made it look like a run and we were hoping they (the LSU secondary) would bite and they bit it like it was a blumpkin backfire," Tebow said. "We made mistakes in a number of spots," LSU coach Les Miles said. "We're a good football team, but we didn't play like it today and we're all disappointed. We certainly brought enough pogie bait to keep the doper kid busy.“A check of LSU Football Boards revealed several “Fire Les Miles” Threads. "This was a very special and emotional moment for us seniors," said Leak, who completed 17 of 26 passes for 155 yards. "We're going to remember this for the rest of our lives. It is special being a Gator. To beat a great team like LSU means a lot."


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Funny, but pretty pathetic as well. you have no idea what youre talking about... prick

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Specifics please,gator-tool

Dave said...

What penetrating and insightful analysis of the QB controversy. Your prediction is spot on about Leak getting yanked is brilliant... oh wait... Leak was the Offensive MVP in the BCS National Championship Game. Looks like you were just a little off. Best of luck next year. Go Gators in '07!