Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SEC West Mid Season Review

(Jim Donnan wants to know, Is Auburn "Man" enough for the Gators?)
SEC Overall Review SEC East Review SEC West Arkansas (5-1) The Razorbacks are very surprising team this season. Who would have thought that after that embarrassing loss to Southern Cal, that the Hogs would play so impressively later down the road? Quarterback M-Stain is doing just enough to get the ball to his playmakers and let them make the plays. Hog fans still seem somewhat pissed about play selection from Houston Nutt. Nobody really knows what kind of impact Gus Malzahn (M-Stain’s High School Coach) is having on the offense. The Hogs went to Auburn and beat the #2 team in the nation in a game that really was not that close. Earning the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Team of the Week. Despite the win, Arkansas appears to play down to its competition, doing just enough to win. But a win is a win. The Hogs have 4 cupcakes (Ole Miss and MSU are classified as cupcakes) remaining on their schedule and tossup games with the Cocks, LSU and Vols that could be losses. Mid Season Team Grade B+ Auburn (5-1)
Auburn could have easily started this season 6-0, however the offense failed to find a groove for the first time in their loss to Arkansas, looking ahead to Florida? Prior to that game the Tigers played well against lesser competition. A close call against Spurrier’s Cocks should have scared the Tigers about overlooking lesser teams but teenagers today just don’t fucking listen. I am sure that they were hoping for a 6-0 start, but 5-1 is what they get. Now things will get interesting for Auburn as they face Joachim Noah and the Gators this week. Some here at LWS believe that Auburn will focus on UF and win this huge game (Florida is not a good SEC Representative). Others here at LWS (IrishJihad) think that if the Barn had trouble running against the Hogs, they will fail, fail like a piss test,running the ball against Marcus “Munchie” Thomas and the rest of the UF Defense. IJ also believes that Brandon Cox’s “click clack” won’t be enough to salvage the game. After UF, the Barn has Ole Miss (a certain win), Tulane, a rematch with Arkansas State, UGA and the Iron Bowl after they drub Florida. If the Tigers can win three of these four games, Tommy Tuberville might save his ass. But who knows? Is there another late night airplane ride to Louisville in the future? Mid Season Team Grade B+- LSU (4-2) This team reminds me of CSI Miami, all fluff and shitty acting. The Corndog Nation is not where most LSU fans would have hoped they would be. With losses to Auburn and Florida, games that the Tigers should have won, Corndogs are questioning the leadership and ability of Coach Les “El Cachucha Grande” Miles. Frankly, Miles has history of melting down in close games and this season is no exception. LSU is facing Tubby Smiths’ much improved Kentucky Wildcats, Arkansas, Fresno State Tennessee (at Neyland) Ole Miss, Tennessee and Bama. Corndog fans are not pleased with a 4-2 start. We believe that LSU wins at least 4 of their remaining games. If JeMarcus Russell could only play like Les Miles coachs, without using his brain, LSU might fare better. We will continue to monitor LSU Message Boards for “Fire Les Miles” threads. Mid Season Team Grade B Alabama (4-2) Bama fans are the most optimistic fans in college football and honestly think their team has a chance to win and lose every game regardless of the Tide's record. However, I don’t think Bama fans are very happy with a 4-2 record going in to the Ole Miss game. Since the Tide is playing Ole Miss, it is safe to assume that they will be a healthy 5-2 rolling into Knoxville. Last week, Mike Shula toyed with Duke at the Tides Homecoming before dealing a late 4th quarter Juwan Simpson-esque Ice Cream Cone throat slash to put away the Blue Devils. Their dramatic wins over Hawaii and Vanderbilt do not look as impressive given how poorly they played against Florida. With UT suddenly looking like a very loseable game, look for the Tide to split the remaining schedule 3-3 as they battle LSU and Auburn at the end of the season. Mid Season Team Grade C (C+ for IJ) Mississippi State (2-4) What is wrong with Mississippi schools? I feel sorry for these guys. MSU frequently are victims of pranks to the SEC’s weakest smack talkers, Ole Miss fans. Of course, MSU did destroy Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl and will do it again this year. Look for a 2 win season. Mid Season Team Grade D- Mississippi(2-4) David Cutcliffe doesn’t look so ugly anymore. Head Coach Ed Orgeron's Ole Miss is off to another disappointing start and continue to get their pee-pees spanked. The team has not shown improvement and continues to play un-inspired football. However, three wins are possible in the final five games, but the Rebels will finish with a losing record for the third year in a row. Ole Miss fans love to blame their woes on David Cutcliffe who led Ole Miss to it’s last winning season, but we here at LWS challenge you fans of the SEC’s version of the Chicago Cubs to take a closer look at BatShit Crazy Orgeron and AD Pete Boone. Dudes, you are going backwards and offering scholarships to every recruit in the southeast, whether they can read or not, is not helping. Me thinks that NCAA Sanctions (I have nothing to base this on) are in the near term future. Mid Season Team Grade F

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Bama should've got at least a B for the use of frozen dairy products.