Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rocky Top Talk is hosting a Haiku Contest

They do it every week. Click to visit the site. (Examples of HaiKu below) For Vols somewhat familiar with this poetry, this is NOT the Hai-Chu used to measure the intelligence of opposing fans and talk smack. Either provide your entry on Rocky Top Talk or provide a comment and we will submit to them. For Dawg fans , here is the textbook definition of Haiku :
Examples of classic Haiku: Must be a Dawg Flatulence correction Take a Pollack; will you! silly ass Dawgs leave a Blumpkin after beep fly it up your ass A recrudescent Redpants UGA.. iridescent Lickith mine asscrack


richtsfrostedtips said...

Fuck YOU Viles!! I hope UgA pisses on you. Oh yeah, here is my Haiku. I hope you like it

You can’t have a Vol
Without Blowing some Ass
Try rubbing your stick

ClausensONEarm said...

little red pants
like queer hot sprinkles on ice
they tickle my twit

Quincy Shockley said...

Greene got to be free..we
reflections in the Pollack spark
some Heaux some Meaux

big d said...

Motor, always runs
Scooter, always riding it
Red pants, always queer.

clausens one arm said...

todays toiletpaper
rolls over redpants that will
caress your geauxnads later.

Herk34 said...

What's Phat Phil eating now?
Where have Smokey's manberries gone to?
Smokey's nuts in Phil's guts.

LWS said...

C-130's suck

TheRTealViper said...

oh KreggBlumpkin
with such a short time to star
till Karl deletes

irishjihad said...

Fulmer eats pastries
Like Chris Leak sharts his britches
Meyer cries on cue.

irishjihad said...

Georgia's offense smells
Of shart stained undergarments
And blumpkin essence

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt owns Fat Phil
UT's glory days are gone
Get used to 3rd place

UGAhater#1 said...

Generic Georgia
Always Sucking Ballocks
Little Man Syndrome

africavol said...

Sidewalk scooters
Licensed street Dawgs beware
Hurtling through Danny wares

TulsaDawg said...

Captain CMR your orders
clarify and classify
99 red go

VolBoy said...

overclocking redpants
more corrupt than Bama
my windows have closed

clausen's one arm said...

A mere conduit
Of some dumbass dawg
Medium: get it?

Clausen's one arm said...

morbid sacrifice
taped then ass raped sev'ral dawgs
gambled with crab lice

richtsfrostedtips said...

well just look at you!
you're just so pleased with yourself;
still a fuckwit though

clausen's one arm said...

Safely tucked in bed
big bad dawg in the pocket
Dooley has no cock

Lloyd Braun said...

Brent Hubbs bans Lloyd Braun
All Lloyd did was speak the truth
Ainge is the starter

Doug said...

Good news: Vols suck no
more; bad news: It was really
Cutcliffe all along