Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh poor Les Miles, Poor Corndog Nation. LSU Falls to the Barn.

Les Miles, a poor man's Urban Meyer, loses another important game. Who can forget his complete and utter choking that evolved into horrible offensive playcalling during the 05 LSU-UT game. Blows a 3 TD lead? Anyone recall Lester trying to call a timeout after LSU intercepted a Vol pass right before the end of regulation? A turnover stops the clock. I suppose he forgot that. Will he stick with JeMarcus Russell? A QB that continues to make an ass-load of mistakes but who will never worry about losing his job? I hope nothing changes in the Corndog Nation. {What is up with the big ass hats?] Linked below is a historical pattern of choking and ass-hat performance Texas 56 OSU 35: Mack Suckers Miles into a Massive Meltdown -

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