Friday, September 29, 2006

Analysis of the Bama Florida Game provided by

While the national media drools over Florida and the local media's love resides at "the school down the road", Alabama is quietly improving week to week. None of the media wants to bring up the shellacking that Bama put on the Gators last year. The reason is because deep down, the people who really know football, know it could happen again. Alabama is coming into this game off a loss in a game they dominated against Arkansas, while Florida has struggled in games with mediocre competition. With word leaking from Tuscaloosa, that 2nd year phenom Jimmy Johns is in line to receive the bulk of the carries, look for Bama to surprise the "experts" on Saturday. Compare this years Bama team to last, and you will see that there is noticeable improvement at quarterback, offensive line & receiver. Look for Bama to open up the offense with some more downfield passing to take advantage of some of Florida's slower corners. For the rest of this indepth and insightful article click here


Bamaperry said...

Mike Shula opens up the offense. He was just fucking around last week trying to lull the gators into think they suck. Now everyone will see the boy coach is a genius.

Cool Hand Mike said...

I wish I could be that optimistic.

LWS said...


Have you read that Shula site? Appears to be a Barner Fark