Sunday, September 10, 2006

NC State's Amato Feeling the Heat?

It was a game that ended with Akron scoring on the last play to upset N.C. State 20-17 on Saturday, with the winning Zips joyously streaming up one tunnel to their locker room while Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato raced up another after the game officials. (Amato strains for the Ref's attention)

"Some game. Before you even ask, if I had to do the 4th down-and-1 over again, I would do the same thing."

"They had about 32 yards in the second half, and in my wildest dreams I would have never thought they could have gone 96. I didn't think it was a gamble."

"People say why did the two offenses come alive, I think a lot of it had to do with the two defenses being dead."

"I think we have a good football team. I really do. That's a pretty daggone good football team we played."

"Those kids are hurt in that locker room. They're hurt. They'll fight back because they are NC State people."

"I was told there wasn't a buzzer on it. I asked. We couldn't review the play before that becuase we were out of timeouts."


boonie said...

So where does this sound familiar?

"We've won a lot of games around here," Amato said. "Some people need to be reminded of that."

Love your site!

LWS said...

Boone. It's a mutual love affair between sites. The LWS team supports your efforts