Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cutting Chalk with the LWS Blog Readers

These six Loser With Socks Blog readers earned a private chat with LWS. E-mail and tell us why we should give you some keyboard time. El Brujo/Gallavol: Do you think Coach O is going overboard with the whole “Reading is not Fun” issue involving recruit Jerrell Powe? LWS: No, I don't think he is, but I do think there's too much emphasis on being educated. If a guy can read after his football days are over, then he can get a job. Look at Coach O, he can barely speak intelligible English, can you imagine him doing story time with a bunch of 3rd graders? They would have to read to him. Suck It Treck: A modest proposal: I Hotlink your Blog to other websites. Nothing like the "chlaaang" of threes raining through the links. LWS: Only if other websites agree they do not own the internet, I got an email from a reader that said a certain Vols site doesn't like our Blog, he was told to stop linking us to their site. Sounds like sour grapes or they think we are stealing. I will say that plenty of other websites seem to appreciate our efforts. Deadspin, Everyday Should Be Saturday and the Wizard of Odds have featured some of our stories. MSGRAVES: I just transferred to Florida from a small private school. What should I do if I'm in class with football players who want to copy from me? My guess is I'd let Chris Leak copy. LWS: Graves, maybe you don't realize it because you just transferred, but you just asked a politically incorrect question. You MUST take the test for them. Alecto: Do you have someone helping you with the witty responses or is that all you? LWS: I can't answer you now. That was a stupid question Donna: LWS, my boyfriend is Chris Leak. He has read your articles discussing his sharting issues, can you please stop? He won’t go to class anymore; the other students laugh and throw fudgesicles at him. It is so sick and demeaning. LWS: Donna, is your boyfriend there with you now? If so, tell him this for me: Quarterback OPTION, and I bet shits himself...again Fowler: If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? LWS: Chris Fowler? Figures you would work your way into this. Fine, I will answer the question; I would go back in time to meet the ESPN Trev Alberts not the CSTV Trev Alberts. I want to find out how piss away a TV career with a temper tantrum Ar$yn: LWS, the fade is always tight. Is there a barber shop at your location, or are you a quick-cuts dude? LWS: My boy Lou Holtz used to come to work and hook me up, but he moved to Bristol with Chris Fowler, they live in a one bed apartment. So now my friend Maria comes by and hooks me and Grill Viper up. I keep telling Erik Ainge and Jon Crompton she'll hook them up, too, but they've declined.


Graves said...

I will no longer link your blog.

You are like a big mouths.

Sweet Lou Vol said...

Absolutely hilarious. Good work. I still cannot understand what/why this has happened, also with rednav. Very weird, IMO. GBO!

Jack Crevol/UGAHATER said...

I miss the funny.