Saturday, September 16, 2006

Florida First Half Blog

Jericho? I hope that the preview of Jericho is not a sign of things to come

Thank goodness the sound is off; I can’t hear Urban Meyer’s rousing pregame speech.

Will Urban’s vaunted silent count be a difference?

Is CBS going to break away from showing the T?

Oh shit, Gary Danielson? Who has a more annoying voice? Meyer or Danielson?

Damn them, they are not going to show the T

Good for Chris Leak. He is wearing Dark Pants. Equates to fewer Depends diaper changes.

CBS teases me with the T. Unbelievable, they showed it.

Florida looks like they have a healthy group of thugs. Taunting the fans and the band running on the field.

Tracey Wolfson has a prominent mole. Well below my standards.

Goofy ass kickoff formation from the gators

Shit, Ainge . WTF?

Run that ball Urban

Chrissy looks rattled. OMG, this punt formation is fucked up. A chinese fucking fire drill. That shit is going to cost them a blocked punt one day.

Urban looks overwhelmed. Not a multi-task guy.

Fuck, like 9 guys in the box. Bring in Crompton?

Chrissy in the shotgun. I bet his bowels are ripping apart

Dear God, STFU about the silent count. Please run the option,,,please.

I hope Harvin gets his clock cleaned. His is a fucking spaz

The Bow appears and saves a sharting episode for Leak

Figures, another questionable TD for the Gators. Remember Gaffney?

Late fucking hit. Brilliant no call,on the late hit on the kick off return

Things looking bad for the good guys. WTF? Another brilliant no call on the illegal block. Why throw the flag and change your mind? Fuck you Danielson on the trip by Colquitt. Fucker deserved to be tripped. Arm tackles don’t seem to be effective.

Thanks for the INT Chrissy. No gators withing 10 yards of the ball. You Fuck

I miss Randy Sanders. These big pass plays scare me. I hope Joiner leaves me some Mayo

Wow, I go and eat and still see Chrissy fall down on the option. Typically predictable but sad in a way.

Can CBS lick Florida’s balls anymore? It is nothing but Florida this and Florida that. Fuck them, Godless Soulless bastards.

I think that Florida was fooled by the flea flicker. Nice throw Lucas Taylor and even better catch and run Coker.

Gang tackle those motherfuckers. Hold them up so everybody gets a shot

Jesus, we almost ripped that illiterate shit’s head off.

Urban is so pissed that he is spitting.

A safety will break their backs

Leak is not calm, he is scared. He hates contact. He is scared of the safety; I see fear in his “really cool eyes” (courtesy of my wife)

Mitchell is hurt, I am betting it was a cheap shot. Lets see the replay CBS licks floridas balls

Wilbur, what a name. Urban are you concerned ? You shit?

What the hell? Ainge gets sacked, and I notice that he is wearing different shoes than the rest of the team. Why is that?

Danielson licks Florida’s balls

Thank God, that return comes back. Florida cheats

Stop justifying the clips you ball-licking Florida homer

Fucking refs, call the int TD back. Blow to the head? He earned that smack to the head

Lick the balls Danielson Lick them

The Bow is back in. Blumpkins for everyone

Leak just had the living dog shit knocked out of him. Danielson screams for a penalty, bastard

The Gators field goal kicker really sucks. It will hurt them


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