Saturday, September 16, 2006

Florida Game Blog. Halftime and Second Half

I need subtitles for Meyer’s halftime interview. Is his mouth really connected to his brain? I think he is pissed

Fulmer lost 40 pounds? Uh, oh goodness, how much did he weigh before?

How much makeup does Spencer Tillman wear? Jericurl in the hair? It has a sheen. Tillman correctly points out that the Gators don’t play well on the road.

[Kudos to my Uma Thurman-looking wife for that tip]

Tubberville interview, how do they find a headset big enough to cover his ears?

Oh Dear God, TCU is the “fly in the ointment”. Lick my balls CBS

No Darth Vader’s? What does that mean? Tillman licks Buckeyes.

What the hell? Gator fans are throwing urine at their own team while they are in the tunnel

Jericho again. And Florida gets the ball to begin the 2nd half. Chris Leak looks pumped up. No more options for the rest of the game?

Replay of the Leak helmet hit, I notice his helmet is a little lopsided. Danielson seems sated.

Dallas Baker does the helicopter after the hit. Really not dramatic enough

Why do they keep showing Leak’s face? Lick the balls, better yet CBS, tongue those Florida balls. Closeups over and over

X fights off the wrestling hold and sacks Leak. It appeared to be a “lock bar arm drag takedown” he fought off

Why is Urban Meyer on the field? 10 yards deep.

Fight? Finally, the Gators get caught cheating again?

Anyone see that guy doing the jack off sign?

Call the TD back? CBS seems happy

3rd and fucking goal, Frogg is getting killed

FUCK YOU FLORIDA, (I actually wrote that earlier and had to delete it) FUCK YOU FLORIDA

Why is Urban the NikeGridiron Commercials? Why CBS?


Please don’t return it. Waterbug scares me.

Timeout by Tennessee? Why? 8:24 left in 3rd. Why?

Leak runs the option and pays dearly. Both with his sternum and the loaf of bread in the backside of his britches

Get out of bounds or slide Chrissy

Leak is his own worst enemy. Get hit or shart.

Danielson: Bob “Blumpkin” Tebow is going to want a piece of your ass for this Urban flirtation. Tongue the Balls Gary Tongue them.

12 rushes and 8 yards? Something is broke

OH SHIT. The Ainge-E underhand LSU pass rears its ugly head.

Danielson can’t see that Coker wasn’t there for the LSU Pass?

Danielson begins bitching that the calls are against Florida. Tongue the balls

Leak on the option. He runs straight up. Please crush his sternum

The BOW is in. Blumpkins all around

Tebow is Alex Smith? The Bow needs to stay away from those comparisons. Urban is the Tedford Factor of the SEC

Fucking Leak, a blind squirrel finds a nut attacking D-Mo

Florida finally scores. 17-14

Why does Florida have so many Male Cheeleaders?

Danielson talks about the Spread. I can’t help but think he means “spread the legs” and tongue the Gator balls


Why do we run on 1st and 2nd down?

Why do we run on 1st and 2nd down?

Why do we run on 1st and 2nd down?

Finally, on 2nd down, we throw

The offense bores me, This FG will fail

Well I was wrong, 51 yards. 6 point lead won’t work. Wilhoit makes it with some body English from Ainge-E.

Will it go 21-20? I think so.

They will attack D-Mo. He is our weak link.

Danielson longs to tongue Emmit Smith’s balls now.

The Bow is back in. A Blumpkin Fiesta

Leak slides short of a 1st down. Danielson even wonders why Leak slid. I know why Gary: Leak is a pussy. And it 4th down. Will The Bow appear? Or that kicker guy?

It is The Bow. Danielson, says “Man that guy is a load”. Freudian slip? Tongue them Gary

1st down Gators.

Like I said, 21-20

Tennessee is discombobulated

The Bow tries to celebrate Urban. Urban coldly ignores him. Blumpkins no longer good?

Hardsty running hard

Interception time?

3rd down. Oh shit time with 4 minutes left

Offsides Florida. Urban is upset

1st down? Measure it Bitch

1st and ten “Florida” Vern? Tennessee has the ball, Vern. Tongue those Gator balls

Intentional grounding on Ainge-E. Frogg missed a block…again

Is Wilhoit going to be money? Time out Vols. 3rd down or 4th. I lost track because of the penalty

It is 3rd and 16. need somebody to BLOCK. Triple coverage Ainge-E?

Going for it. I called it, Interception. My Blog entry now ends

FLORIDA and URBAN ALL BLOW Did Lee Corso just call Chris Leak a Warrior? The End of Days is near


trahstae said...

I look forward to people not blaming this on Ainge.

Only the total morons will blame Ainge.

But I have no doubt that you fucks will try to make it out to be Ainge against the world.

LWS said...

Shart eater

Stop huffing paint. Clearly the O Line was the problem. Yes, the freaks will be yelling for Crompton. I thoiught Ainge-E played well

trahstae said...

Ainge played okay. We had ZERO running game obviously and that's not his fault. He made some very very good plays, and he made some poor ones as well. But that's not my point.

My point about the Ainge-haters is that they'll be a very small minority but you and your pawns on Walkeast will pretend a couple morons represent the majority opinion there. You'll be reaching this time and it will be obvious.

trahstae said...

This URL is to a thread on El Cuartos de General in which some fans discuss Ainge's play last night and how much, if any, blame he deserves for the loss.

Only 2 out of 14 messages in the thread blame Ainge - and they're both by the same guy, imavolfan who is known to be a fucking moron. Ainge has plenty of supporters on Walkeast. Even Bob showed some love in his post-game write-up.

Like I said, you'll be reaching.

Bow said...

You should have bought some KY before the game.