Saturday, September 23, 2006

Urban Meyer Saves DT Marcus Thomas's Mota Suspension as a "do over"

This is rich shit. What kind of house is Urban Meyer keeping down there in Gainesville Jortsville? The Dee Webb/Andre Caldwell/Reggie Lewis AR-15 and AK-47 incident? [Geightor Locker Room?] Why isn't the media all over this guy? Is he the chosen one? Coincidence that Thomas is suspended after the UT game? Not that it would have mattered if he played or not. This smells like Chris Leak in the huddle after he has called the option play. As for the Thomas Affair:
During a Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference call with reporters, Meyer declined to immediately comment. According to two sources, Thomas failed two drug tests, both this summer. The first positive test led to Thomas being suspended for Florida's season opener, one source said. If the appeal of Thomas is denied, he would be suspended half of the season
To paraphrase from another Blogger: Urban is being ridiculed on this blog for his decision to let his players play the game, great men often are, but true Geightor fans recognize the service he has given to the school and his team. We should all learn from Urban's shining example and show our appreciation and love for the Geightor Nation. Next time you run into a Geightor make sure to buy him a Nickelbag and tell him not to worry, Coach has you covered.

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