Friday, September 15, 2006

ESPN Interviews Urban Meyer

LWS was able to obtain the deleted notes from the recent ESPN Interview with Urban Meyer. The entire interview is below with deleted notes. Enjoy Florida coach Urban Meyer takes his No. 7-ranked Gators on the road for the first time this season when they play at No. 13 Tennessee on Saturday night. The road was not a kind place for Florida in Meyer's first season in 2005, as the Gators went 1-3 in opponents' stadiums, while they beat Georgia, of course, in Jacksonville, Fla. Despite Meyer's complaints that college football's new clock rules will curtail offensive production, the Gators had 637 yards offense in their 42-0 win over Central Florida last week. Senior quarterback Chris Leak threw for a career-high 352 yards and four touchdowns, and the Gators out-gained the Golden Knights 204-21 in rushing yards. Facing the Vols in Neyland Stadium, where Florida has won four of eight meetings since 1990, figures to be a much tougher task. Here's part of the conversation I had earlier Thursday with Meyer: Schlabach: Is Chris Leak more comfortable in your offense or does it just seem that way? Meyer: I thought Chris was fairly productive last year until we got our wide receivers hurt. I thought Chris played pretty well last year and he's playing better this year. But if I took Dallas Baker, Bubba Caldwell and Jemalle Cornelius out of the lineup right now, he'd struggle again. A quarterback is as good as the personnel around him. Not to take anything away from Chris, but it's like a tailback. A tailback is only as good as the linemen blocking for him. [Deleted comments. Leak has Incontinence issues. After the training staff switched him from Serenity to Depends Adult Diapers, his offensive production really increased. The Depends Diapers really increased his confidence level.] Schlabach: Have you been happy with freshman quarterback Tim Tebow's performance so far? Meyer: He's on track. The buildup borders on insanity when a high school player has a productive high school career and wants to come in and play. That's why people thought we had a quarterback controversy around here. His last two weeks of preparation have been very good. He's going to be a fine player here. [Deleted comments: I love his Dad. Bob “Blumpkin” Tebow. As long as I love his Dad, The Bow will play] Schlabach: Is the biggest test for your offensive line? Meyer: I think it's a big-time test. I think it's one of the best defensive fronts in college football we're playing. We've done OK in the first two games. We've still got a man down [guard Ronnie Wilson injured his ankle in preseason camp] and we'll get him back in a couple of weeks. [Deleted comments: I wish we could get away from using Lineman in my offense. I hope to one day to line up 10 wide receivers and the The Bow. Provided Bob Blumpkin continues to show me his “talent”] Schlabach: Has senior right tackle Carlton Medder been a pleasant surprise? Meyer: He's been playing decent. He's just never played before. He's hanging in there. He was not overmatched in the first two games. We'll see how he does on Saturday night. [Deleted comments: Plus he is not a wide receiver, so I could not give 2 shits about him. He is fat slow and possesses hands of stone] Schlabach: I heard you confiscated your players'cell phones and ipods last week so they would concentrate on the game. Is that true? Meyer: I never touch their iPods. I don't know how these things get started. There are certain times when I want players to relax. We're trying to build a family atmosphere around here. Fridays are a great time for us to be together. I don't want guys distracted by talking on their phones or being isolated by music. There are times we need to be hanging out together. [Deleted comments: My players are allowed to keep those things. Look, we are only talking about a bakers dozen worth of players that literate enough to operate an IPod anyway. My guys are dumber than dirt] Schlabach: Tennessee defensive tackle Justin Harrell said he's going to play with a torn biceps muscle this weekend. Ever hear of a player doing that? Meyer: Somebody told me today that [former Gators defensive tackle Brad Culpepper] did it. He was in a lot of pain, but played through it. One of my coaches coached with the Green Bay Packers and said one of the guys up there played with that injury one time. Harrell is a hell of a player, I know that. [Deleted comments: If Chris Leak can run the option with a loaf of bread in the backside of his britches, this Tennessee kid should be fine] Schlabach: So is he better with one arm that some guys with two? Meyer: Possibly. He's that good. [Deleted comments: Bob Tebow does things with no hands, no big deal]


Bob The Bow said...

Sure, Urban calls it a blumpkin, but technically, it's not. He does sit on the throne will I do my thang, but he's too constipated too actually drop a deuce. I think it's from all the cheese his players are stealing.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Urban "Legend" Meyers can drop a log 16 inches long with 3 rest notches.