Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coach Orgeron is a Poor Man's Ron Zook; Wild boys fallen far from glory" – Duran Duran

(Bring him home Pete Boone, Bring him Home) Pete Boone is covering his ass. What do cat's do Pete Boone? They cover their shit. Pete, it's OK to make mistakes. The American Sports Public is very forgiving if you just say you are sorry. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Coach O to leave Ole Miss. He is a source of never-ending stupid shit/comments/myth/legend/lore. If you do fire O, Bring the real Zook home. You can afford him and I bet he will be available.
(a reprint from a previous article from LWS) Some will never associate the word "Great" with jamming one's pecker in a tailpipe or blowing one's ass into five pieces with a firecracker. Certainly, Ed Ogeron doesn't strike anyone as brilliant when he first appeared on the Ole Miss sideline in 2005. How about the time when he exited the practice field complaining about the importance of getting out of a Port-O-Potty before tipping it on its side. Coach O's purpose is to provide experience in life lessons. Important things like: Don't wipe your dick on your girlfriend's curtains in front of her mom; don't eat road kill off the road on the way to work; don't shoot yourself in the crotch with a BB gun to see if it will hurt. The kind of lessons that his Dad never got around to teaching him. There is so much to take away from the misadventures of one man.
Cutcliffe's Rebels résumé — the 44-29 record, the four bowl appearances in six seasons — never looked as good as it does now. Many Ole Miss followers still wonder what the program would be like if he'd never been shown the door.

Boone believes a large portion of the problems can be attributed to the recruiting efforts of former coach David Cutcliffe, who was fired in December 2004. As a result, Boone said, the Rebels are young and have depth problems.

"There's a reason you have a coaching change," Boone said. "I think what we're seeing now is that the recruiting the past few years of the previous group was not very good. I knew that. It was not a surprise to me. I just want to go back, to 2003, our glory years. WTF was I thinking?"

The Rebels are 1-3 for the second straight season and play No. 10 Georgia on Saturday at 8. Ed Orgeron is 4-11 with the Rebels and 1-8 in Southeastern Conference play.

Boone said the only thing that has surprised him is the fact Ole Miss hasn't improved since the first game. But he said it's a long season and no one is more disappointed in the start than Orgeron, who "puts so much pressure on himself. The man is ticking time bomb. I keep waiting for him to show up to work with an assault rifle, flip flops, wearing a bathrobe and full face camo paint. He scares me."

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