Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Butt Nuggets and Air Biscuits. A reader requested a quick site update

Explain this to me. SI reports that Notre Dame can reach a BCS Bowl for a second straight year without beating a ranked opponent. USC is the only forecasted top ten team remaining. It is a forgone conclusion that the Irish will receive a Michigan-esqe ass whipping in Los Angeles and still receive an at-large BCS Bowl berth. This is criminal. Brent and Beano fap-fap quietly. Coach Ed Orgeron, it must appear that we have a hardon for you. We don't, we really don't you just keeping on doing stupid shit and we will write about. Ole Miss fans, please explain why Pete Boone fired Cutcliffe. You arrogant pricks are now 4-11 under that batshit crazy loon. Coach Cutt on the other hand, appears to have fixed Tennessee's offense. From 90 to 30 in total offense. Pete Boone, Please do not fire Coach O. He is a poor man's Ron Zook. A couple of notes on the Blog:
  • 5 weeks old and over 56K in hits
  • IJ has pissed off EDSBS in a flame war (Roll Tide this week)
  • We have pissed off the Rivals Network somehow
  • Deadspin has picked up our Blog 4-5 times now. Is that a jewel? Or is there something bigger in Sports Blog Satire?
  • Florida still sucks. Jorts, Mullets, Sharting, Mota and Blumpkins are the rage in GainesvilleJortsville.
  • Urban Meyer is winning with Ron Zook's recruits
  • Proven facts that ESPN (sux), Knoxville, Memphis and other media read this Blog. We must be doing something right
  • TCU is no longer "the fly in the ointment" Now we just need Louisville to go away

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