Friday, September 15, 2006

Bob Tebow's Blumpkins Pay Dividends

Tennessee has been preparing this week to face two Florida quarterbacks with different styles and they will see both in the game Saturday night, Florida coach Urban Meyer said Thursday. For the third consecutive game, true freshman Tim Tebow is scheduled to see playing time. Meyer said he isn't sure whether Tebow will enter the game as early as the first half, which he did last Saturday against Central Florida. In his first possession against UCF, Tebow engineered a touchdown drive. "I'll wait and see (before deciding if Tebow plays in the first half)," Meyer said. "I don't want to commit, but he certainly could be (in the game in the first half). He's earned that right. He's done very well. His Dad has performed well too. Bob makes me feel both dirty and clean. He just makes me dizzy. "He's (The Bow) going to play. He's had a good week. That's two weeks in a row. The first week he was sick as a dog. He's had two good weeks. We have to account for the time Chris Leak needs to perform his personal hygiene during the game. Leak is much more efficient in changing his game pants. Besides the other players are really disgusted by Leak's sharting on the field"

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