Friday, September 08, 2006

Should Lloyd Braun return to Volquest?

there is a grassroots campaign, an insurgency if you will, to allow Lloyd Braun back to full member status on the Volquest Rivals Network. I have received copies of emails from LWS readers that contain threats of banishment to the our readers if they continue to mention his name. I was provided an email from a frightened reader with the following excerpt (the rest was filled with very bad words):
....and respectfully ask that you back off and don't continue to attempt to make an issue out of XXXXX's fate

What exactly was Braun's crime? He carried the fight to a prominent Volquest moderator (whom we interviewed shortly after we began this Blog), a member of the Old Guard there at VQ. Lloyd quickly found out that one does not cross this man or bad things begin to occur. It turns out that Braun was correct and the Bad Man was wrong over Erik Ainge. That was the crime. It was a crime to challenge the Bad Man and not back down. Sad stuff.

I ask: Who owns the internet? Who really runs Volquest? Why is our Blog suddenly forbidden to discuss or link to Volquest?


Anonymous said...

Trent and Bob have no power to tell people not to discuss Volquest. It is a free country and you can discuss anything that you want to discuss. I enjoy Volquest, but I also enjoy your blog. It is very entertaining.

Brent Hubbs said...

Dear anonymous,

Blow me, I won the internet. Kwyjibo, massage my other ball now.

sarah from nashville said...

We love you Lloyd!

Bluetick88 said...

I for one, am glad you are gone Braun. I feel smugly smarter than everyone

Anonymous said...

Glad you are gone. Your inane posts single handedly caused the GQ to be created. You are like a mosquito. Please take Cajun69 with you

torch said...

Dear Anonymous;

I hope your nuts fall off. People like you fit in well in North Korea

Anonymous said...


I really don't know why you would want to get back on VQ if you and your groupies have your own blog where you can pretty much do whatever you want.

PS....Keep drilling The Real Viper....I hate that Pac-10-loving ignorant windbag-who-loves-to-scream-racist, too.

Anonymous said...

Suck My big fat COCK arsyn

PDvol and El Brujo said...

I must admit that I was wrong. It was our intolerance and lack of tolerance that pushed the board split. We are old and set in our ways. We easily could have ingnored your posts if we did not want to read them. We are really stupid.

trahstae said...

why does lloyd want to go backt to volquest?

I don't understand why he cares.

UGAHATER said...

XXLBXX, M'hael, IrishJihad, Cajun,

I don't know why some of you guys got banned, but, things just aren't the same. The BON now has 39 users at 1:38 pm on a wednesday. That sucks.

I'll tell you the truth. As long as you guys kept your shi$ on the BON, I didn't care. Cause sometimes I like to get jiggy and post on there as well. People don't seem to have a sense of humor anymore. It's as if people turn 45 and immediately their spine turns into concrete and corn gets shoved into their netherregion.

At any rate. The website looks good, it's funny and all. But, the board is very dry, and boring without ya'll, that's for sure.

You're definitely a douchebag, but a funny douchebag at that. Where I come from, that's a compliment, terd nugget.

Well, try not to wash KWYJIBO's nuts with your tongue. Later. -JC