Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Coach O says: Reading is for Pussies

Coach O stated in an "off the record" interview: "I didn't need to know how to read. Why should my players? Look how I turned out" as he proceeded to give himself a titty twister. Ole Miss an institute of Hire Learning...... Unbelievable Powe's case a landmark for NCAA Wednesday, September 06, 2006. It's far from a certainty, but every sign points to Jerrell Powe being cleared to play college football as early as Thursday. In many ways, Powe's story is a wonderful one. It's a survival tale of sorts, a case study in determination and tenacity. The only problem is Powe can't read. At least that's what his mother, Shirley Powe, said in a letter to NCAA officials when she begged for her son to be admitted to Ole Miss. "Jerrell really is a good child but he just can't read," Shirley Powe said in papers that were filed on her son's behalf by his attorneys, the same ones who appear to be on the verge of making the NCAA blink. Powe left Waynesboro, Miss., two years ago, ranked No. 6 on the Press-Register's Super Southeast 120. He'd have been ranked higher, probably No. 1, had his academic situation been different. However, his high school transcript was described by one college coach as a "train wreck."

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